You Light Up My Life, Son!

Thank you Jesus, son of God. Every day we have light and life. The light we get from You gives us the strength and power to meet our challenges head on. The life we gladly accept from You, gives us the power to meet our sins head on.

backlit clouds dawn dusk
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Whether you are searching for answers or looking for a simple way to start your day, remember, Jesus is there to light the way. So when you think that things are out of reach, remember, there are those who care and those who will help you through the rough times.

“While you have the Light, believe in the Light, so that you may become sons of Light.”
-John 12:36.

Think of a time where you felt that the light went out. How did you feel? Lost, alone, scared. This message is a reminder that we are never alone. There is enough light and life to guide all of us through the hardest of times.

Share with us and others when you felt that you were guided by the light. We would love to hear your stories. Comment below. Share the word with others. Through sharing, we become stronger. Post your feelings below in the “reply” box. 




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