“If you truly want joy and happiness seek God and He will place you in places where you can find Him!”

Let me start by telling you how I grew up. I viewed success with the amount of money that was disposable and by how many people envied you. So with that type of mentality, you can only imagine what sort of lifestyle I led. Money, Sex, and drugs not necessarily in that order but that’s all I cared about. I never thought about the affects I had on the people I stepped on to get what I wanted.

I have manipulated countless people, I sold other women’s dignity and self-worth all to make a profit, and if that wasn’t enough I would steal from big businesses to cover my losses of spending too much the week before. There was no limits no boundaries as long as I maintained my morals. Which now I realize how distorted that thinking was.

As my addiction worsened so did the type of people I associated with. The enemy had me hook line and sinker. My friends were just as ruthless as I had become. I began to build an extensive criminal history, even the Federal government had a file with my name on it. At this point I could no longer trust anyone. I hated life. I hated myself. I began running and hiding from what was inevitably going to happen, Prison.

Most would find this condemning, for me it was Grace: God’s blessing. I was rescued, not arrested. My Loving God allowed me to rest. I never realized how exhausting that lifestyle had become, until I was forced to sit still. In that stillness I discovered God’s Mercy and the Love of Christ. I began building a relationship with God with Jesus, something I had forgotten it even existed.

I realized with the time in prison why God brought me to this point in my life, and it was to find him. I surrendered my life to God, I gave it all to Him. I wasn’t going to worry what was next when I got out of prison. I knew He would take care of me and allow me a place to grow spiritually.

Cons helping Cons was where my Savoir placed me. The help I’ve received since I stepped out of Prison would amaze anyone, I literally had nothing, but I had God and he sent people to provide everything I needed so I could continue to seek him. I thank God and I thank CHC every day. If you truly want joy and happiness seek God and He will place you in places where you can find Him.  I continue to grow and that’s what I am able to do here. Thank you all.