The Mirror Tells All…

A colleague of mine posted a blog today that stated, The people we surround ourselves with are a mirror to our world. The manner in which we treat others with is a mirror to ourselves. We are each a reflection to one another reflecting back onto ourselves. The energy that guides us and everything in the Universe dictates this so. Only we can decide how we are treated by others as well as how we treat ourselves.” -Adam Cummings

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Ask yourself, how do you treat your friends and family? Do the things you do in life reflect upon what you want others to see? We are often too critical of our shortcomings and often question all of our actions. Jesus Christ is aware of our shortcomings. His forgiveness should allow us to forgive ourselves and make peace with our family and friends. Treat yourself how you would like others to treat you.

Accept your shortcomings and acknowledge your strengths. “Only you can can allow for positive or negative reflection to assume positions within our souls.” -Adam Cummings



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